National shipping

Today's truck center H. A. S. spol. S r.o. Is the direct follower of the original one, which was the Slezan factory race in Frýdek-Místek.

Today, we are no longer carrying out technological transfers for this textile, which has unfortunately been extinct, but we have adapted to the requirements of today's times and have expanded activities mainly for important logistics companies.
In most of the activities, we operate on the Czech Republic where we cooperate with large players on the market (Geis, DSV, Schenker, Top Trans, etc.)

We employ reliable drivers and we are constantly investing money in fleet renewal.
We run special high-capacity road train sets for our major logistics customers and we are successfully developing this segment of transport.

With the help of modern technologies, all vehicles and drivers are monitored by a GPRS monitoring system and data transmission as well as all communication between the vehicle and the dispatcher's counter is done electronically. Our drivers have understood that detailed vehicle tracking is not only a whip, but also a tool for driving, communicating and securing their safety.
The truck transport of H. A. S. spol. S r.o. We can successfully develop in cooperation with other centers of the company, especially technical, which oversee the good condition of our means of transport and propose technical solutions to all requirements.
The training center takes care of the regular training of our drivers as required by today's legislation.
The Economic Department provides all the accounting and salary agenda, and the center of sales of the fuel is "feeding for our modern horses".

Thus, the trucking center can continue to develop successfully in the future, with individual centers offering their services externally, both mutually independent and mutually supportive, and by diversifying their activities, they contribute to the successful development of the whole society.

Ing. Vladimir Řeháček

Senior dispatcher

(+420) 597 303 111


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