About us



H. A. S. spol. S r.o. Is already the 25th year in the market. Thank you for your support and cooperation. It was established on September 30, 1992, when it was transformed from the racing transport of the textile company Slezan. Since its inception, it has been mainly a transport company carrying out the technological transport of Slezan and has gradually expanded its operations to other transport services. As part of the extraction of vehicles in their return trips, a national forwarding center was set up and, over time, the MKD.

The development of the company has equally developed its fleet. From the original IFA and Avia vehicles, the fleet has been extended over time to MERCEDES, LIAZ, DAF 45 and DAF 85 for international truck transport. At the beginning of 2000, the fleet was expanded with large-capacity extensions on the DAF 85 chassis. In the following years, the fleet began to grow dramatically. Following the commencement of cooperation with Pilsner Urquell a.s. Mercedes-Benz Atego 1518, 1215, 815, and Mitsubishi Fuso Canter were purchased. As part of the national and international truck fleet unification, the fleet renewal and extension of the DAF FT XF 95.480 and DAF FT XF 105.460 semitrailers, including the new PANAV and KRONE semi-trailers, took place. Due to the market demand, we have purchased new large-volume tandem sets DAF FAR XF 95.480 and 105.460 with PANAV trailers and DAF FA LF 450.220 with lifting fronts for the piece cargo transport segment. We currently operate on the latest DAF, Mercedes and Volvo technologies.

One of the most important needs of the emerging company was to build its own facilities in the form of a transport area offering medium repairs, vehicle refueling and parking. The building workshop is being prepared for reconstruction into a modern repair complex and after completion of the construction work, the building will contain both the administrative part and mainly the repair part with modern equipment and with a car wash and a car wash. Construction of warehouse space is under way.
Already at the beginning of the company's activity it was necessary to build a petrol station. In the first phase, a simple gas station with an overground tank Bencalor was used in 1993-1998, but in 1998 a petrol station of modern parameters was built, which offers the sale of two types of fuel not only for own vehicles. In 2017, a change of the company's premises will be realized in a modern, complex, multifunctional transport area with the motto "ALL UNDER ONE ROOF", where all the services without which the present carrier will be able to provide. Our philosophy is therefore to meet current and future needs of our customers based on the quality of our work and expanding our services. Our emphasis is on long-term cooperation with our clients and we try to solve their demands by individual approach.